Being The Elite Heads To New York Toy Fair 2020

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

On this week’s edition of Being The Elite, The Bucks and Kenny Omega head to New York City to see AEW’s first waves of action figures. As we’ve covered, they’ve got an impressive lineup of decent sculpts, ring-accurate jackets, and even tiny belts on offer. Cody and The Bucks also see earlier prototypes in the arena before the show and comment on how accurate the ring gear is.

Backstage, we’re seemingly very close to the reveal of The Dark Order’s Exalted One. A backstage segment with SCU devolves into a dream sequence, with Christopher Daniels haunted by the faction’s imagery. Is The Fallen Angel hiding something, or will he be taking on whoever the hidden power actually is?

The AEW Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Adam Page also have a frank conversation backstage about Page’s actions. Hangman says that he hasn’t felt that he has a place alongside the Elite, which has led to his drinking. Omega counters that he’s currently a champion, so he more than deserves his spot. Furthermore, he wants Hangman to stop putting on a pity party and be a reliable partner to defend their belts.

For more, including Kenny training for his Ironman match with PAC and a Merch Freak segment, be sure to check out the full episode embedded below:

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