WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (2/28/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsWWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

February 28, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Goldberg

Goldberg says it wasn’t about who was last, it’s all about who’s next! Goldberg drops the mic. Roman Reigns music hits. Reigns takes his sweet time getting to the ring as Goldberg looks on. Reigns and Goldberg go face-to-face. Reigns steps in close to Goldberg and says he’s next.

Bayley vs. Naomi

Naomi charges in but Bayley retreats to the ropes. Bayley asks for a mic. Bayley says this is ridiculous because she already made history last night when she beat Naomi. Bayley is only here tonight to introduce Boston’s own, Sasha Banks. Banks joins Bayley at ringside. Bayley attacks Naomi from behind. Banks laughs as she watches the beatdown. Naomi surprises Naomi with a scorpion kick. Naomi lands the Rear View. Banks hits the ring and attacks Naomi to cause a disqualification.

Winner- Naomi

After the match, Banks and Bayley work over Naomi. Lacey Evans runs down to ringside to try to make the save. A huge brawl breaks out. The match is restarted as a tag team match.

Lacey Evans and Naomi vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Evans and Naomi lands duel dropkicks. Banks and Bayley roll to the outside. Naomi and Evans both hit dives. Banks and Bayley take turns beating down Naomi. Naomi manages to tag in Evans. Evans clears the ring. Evans lands a slingshot elbow on Bayley. Evans headstand busters Bayley. Naomi follows that with a springboard splash for a near fall. Banks surprises Naomi with a backstabber. Evans pulls Naomi out of the ring. Naomi pins Bayley with a sunset flip.

Winners- Lacey Evans and Naomi

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