Stevie Ray Talks Criticism Of WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, The Revival & Appreciation For AEW

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray is unbridled when it comes verbiage. The WWE Hall Of Famer caught up with James Walsh of The Wrestling Epicenter and had plenty to say about the feedback of his said induction

“Yeah, man! It is cool. But, you know, people were always bothering me about the Hall of Fame and I never really had thought about it. I always thought that the Hall of Fame meant that you left a mark in wrestling and people would always remember it and I never thought… You know, it was in the back of my mind. But, it is cool that it happened and hey, Harlem Heat is in the Hall of Fame!”

As far as criticism is concerned, Stevie doesn’t mind slamming any naysayers down on the sidewalk of 110th Street.

“You know, I could give two shits what people say. We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team. We went into the Hall of Fame as a record breaking tag team! We went into the Hall of Fame as a tag team that brought tag team wrestling back as it was dormant at the time. We went in as a tag team that actually got ratings – Our ratings were very high back in the 90’s and they know what the people liked. So, anyone that does not understand that can suck my dick. Anyone that doesn’t understand that can kiss my black ass!”

Stevie was later asked about any connection regarding The Revival’s pitched feud with he and brother Booker T and shot any kind of idea of such down. “I’m done with the Revival. I never had anything to do with the fucking Revival. So, whatever shit he said, I don’t got nothing to do with it,” he stated,

As straight shooting as Stevie is, he does have plenty of optimism for the future of wrestling particularly when it comes to AEW throwing it’s hat in the wrestling ring.

“Wrestling is a part of the entertainment industry. It is the natural progression. Look at music 25 years ago. Look at movies 25 years ago… Look at the NFL 25 years ago. The NBA… It is the natural progression. I know a lot of people love the past and want to live in the past. I’m one of the people who loves history but I will come out of the past and embrace the future.”

You can view the entire conversation below:

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