Matt Hardy Is Fully Broken In New Video, Teases A New Version In ‘A Few Days’

As Matt Hardy wrote earlier today, he is “truly unkillable.”

In a new YouTube video, Hardy says that Randy Orton’s recent attacks have proven that he’s unkillable and that he’s “stronger than death.” After recapping the RAW segment, he says that he knew he had no chance against Orton in the medical condition he was in. However, he had to see if Orton could finish him off.

Hardy says that Orton couldn’t kill him and that he’s recuperating and is truly alive now. “How long did you think a medical facility could contain an anomaly like me?” asked Hardy after going fully broken. “Brother Keith, killer of legends, yes. Oddly enough, I must thank you as without your violent [attack] my transformation couldn’t be complete … We’re only a few days away from the second coming of the next version of Matt Hardy.”

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