Danny Burch On His ‘Rocky Balboa Moment’ In NXT

Photo Credit: www.thesun.co.uk

Talking with talkSport, NXT star Danny Burch went over the ups and downs he’s had in the latest rendition of the black and gold brand. He’s found success alongside partner Oney Lorcan, especially last year in their tag title match against The Undisputed Era. “I went up to Roddy [Strong] and said ‘you’ve just made me. I can’t thank you enough for that’.”

Danny states that he sat and cried in the corner for 20 minutes in elation. “That match to me was a real, true Rocky Balboa moment and something I’ll never forget.”

Danny also goes into this history of his tag team with Oney, saying that it came together before he was signed to a full deal. “I passed all the medical tests and stuff like that, the story with the Undisputed Era began that same week, we were off to the races! It was a very quick process, it was fantastic.”

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