Bully Ray: Matt Hardy Put His Life In Randy Orton’s Hands During RAW Segment

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

SiriusXM Busted Open co-host Bully Ray had nothing but praise for Randy Orton’s attack on Matt Hardy this week on RAW. He discussed how dangerous the segment was and how it proves that Orton is one of the best performers ever.

“There is something about Randy that was missing [for a long time] and it had nothing to do with Randy,” said Bully Ray. “There’s nothing missing from Randy’s game. He was just missing the right guy to stand across from. Now he has it in Edge. Now for the past couple of weeks he’s had it in Matt Hardy. He was just missing that story that he could really sink his teeth into.

“Randy is a master puppeteer, he’s a skillful surgeon. For the past two weeks you’ve witness and watched him play those crowds like a puppeteer. He has them eating out of the palm of his hand. He’s playing them. He’s slowing down with his movement, his verbage, to the point that the fans are into everything he does and says. He moves fans into the direction that he wants them in and then he’s a master surgeon. Look at what he did with the chair last night. You have to be really, really great at what you do with weapons and levels of violence like that for guys to put their lives in your hands. Because trust me, that was putting your life in someone else’s hands. Trust in the next level. That’s why Randy is so great.”