Matt Hardy Dares Randy Orton To ‘Murder Him’ (Video)

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

In a new video promo posted Saturday night to his YouTube channel, Matt Hardy issued an additional message to Randy Orton, his opponent this coming Monday. He states that doctors have not medically cleared him to compete, but he doesn’t care. He will prove that he is unkillable.

Randy. I need to ask you a favor. On Monday, do your damnedest, do your best to kill me off. Because I don’t think you can. I am defiant and I believe that I am forever. I don’t think that anyone can kill me off. I don’t think Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Bruce Pritchard, Paul Heyman, Tony Kahn, Joe Koff, Ed Nordholm. I don’t think anyone can kill me off.

So Randy, do your best to massacre me, slaughter me, kill me, murder me! Because on Monday, you and everyone else are going to learn that Matt Hardy is unkillable.

The promo also includes several references to other wrestling organizations, all potential companies he could land at once his WWE contract expires. The veteran claims that he’ll be in his own “personal arcadia” in a few week’s time. This strongly hints that he is still leaving the company when his contract expires.

Hardy’s segment on RAW last week was originally meant to write the character off TV, but it caused a ratings bump that made WWE reconsider. We shall see if Matt continues on his path out of WWE or if things change yet again. It seems that Hardy is picking up WWE’s slack and using his situation to ensure that fans are on the edge of their seat all throughout the month.

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