Roman Reigns Talks WrestleMania 37, WWE’s Relationship With FOX

Photo Credit: Image Group LA via Getty Images

Roman Reigns recently spoke with Denise Salcedo while in Los Angeles earlier this week to promote WrestleMania 37 next year. Here are some of the highlights: 

His Thoughts on Wrestlemania 37 Being Held in Los Angeles:

“It’s been awesome you know. I am an ex football player, I played football since I was 7 years old, to have a door that felt like it got closed on me to all of a sudden be open, to be involved in football, to be hanging out with the Superbowl teams before the Superbowl down there in Miami, interviewing those guys, participating. Just coming off the year that I’ve had, just to be healthy and to be involved is awesome but to be doing it on this level, teamed up with FOX, teaming up with the NFL just living out dream after dream it’s really cool. 

How WWE’s Relationship with FOX Has Opened Doors For Him:

“It was some really good news to be honest, I feel that we spent a lot of time in the LA area this year, teaming up with FOX it just feels like a second home now. And I just think with us being a form of entertainment, that blue collar entertainment, to be able to kinda plug our way into LA and just make a home out of it here at Sofi Stadium it’s gonna be awesome.”