Freddie Blassie The Potential Inspiration Behind Shayna Baszler’s Neck Bite On WWE RAW

Freddie Blassie

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The most buzz-worthy segment of RAW involved Shayna Baszler taking one bloody bite out of the back of Becky Lynch’s neck, but there does happen to be some context behind it and it involves one “Classy” Freddie Blassie.

Dave Meltzer writes in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, RAW Creative Director Paul Heyman idolized the legendary late Freddie Blassie  as a kid who had a gimmick of biting foes during bouts. According to Meltzer, Monday’s segment was “clearly inspired” by Blassie who notoriously bit the neck of The Great Togo in Japan. That particular moment in caused three elderly people to die of heart attacks which broke news in both  Japan and the United States during that time.

Also, Blassie’s nickname? “The Vampire.”

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