Nyla Rose Wins AEW Women’s Championship

Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

As promised, Riho took on Nyla Rose with the AEW women’s championship on the line.

The weight and size disparity between the two was apparent immediately and Rose was able to easily overpower the champion. Riho eventually got Rose in position for a 619, but it was blocked by Rose. After a few near-falls, the two went to the top rope and Rose bit the face of her before delivering a death valley driver. However, Riho kicked out of the cheap attack.

The fans were firmly behind Riho and she delivered two impressive suplexes before going for a running knee strike that missed. After a grappling scramble, Riho was able to hit a northern lights suplex for a near-fall. Riho then hit a double foot stomp but it was only good enough for a one count. Two more nearly did Rose in, but she got her feet on the rope.

Rose would then hit a spear and a sitout powerbomb to become the new champion.

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