WWE NXT Results (2/12/20)

Dunne and Riddle are getting on a private jet. Dunne asks how Riddle got a private Jet. Riddle says he knows a guy. Riddle tells Dunne that they have to out the trophy in the boot. Dunne tells Riddle to stop saying boot. Riddle and Dunne load up the trophy. Riddle pushes Dunne into the boot. Riddle gets in and closes the door. Triple H walks up and gets on the plane. Riddle and Dunne are stowaways. Triple H has no idea.

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa recounts his long journey back to Goldie. Ciampa says he is going to show Cole what it’s like to fight someone with nothing to lose.

Adam Cole vs. Kushida

Kushida and Cole trade headlocks. Kushida drops Cole down to the mat. Kushida misses a head kick. Cole rolls out of the ring. Wrecking ball kick by Kushida. Kushida puts Cole in an armbar out on the floor. Kushida walks into a superkick by Cole. Cole and Kushida clothesline each other at the same time. Strike exchange by Cole and Kushida. Cole hits two Ushigorshis for a near fall. Cole misses the Last Shot. Cole follows that with a superkick for a near fall. Kushida reverses the Panama Sunrise into the Hoverboard Lock. Cole almost gets to the ropes. Kushida rolls Cole back to the center. Cole turns it into a pin. Kushida kicks out. Cole and Kushida trade pin attempts. Kushida lands a Pelé kick. Kawada kicks by Kushida. Cole hits the Last Shot for the win.

Winner- Adam Cole

After the match, Ciampa walks down to the ring. Ciampa and Cole get in each other’s faces. Ciampa tells Cole that at Takeover: Portland he’s taking his life back. Cole says over his dead body.


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