Bobby Fish On Why It’s Insulting To Call Wrestling ‘Fake,’ Almost Leaving For A Job At Target

bobby fish

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Times Union recently talked to Bobby Fish ahead of his NXT TakeOver: Portland match against Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne. He discussed almost quitting wrestling to work at Target, why wrestling shouldn’t be called fake, and the toll the sport has taken on his body.

Check out highlights below:

On how Ring of Honor kept him from quitting wrestling:

I was ready to take the Target job [at a distribution center for $50,000 a year with benefits but Ring of Honor offered $40,000 a year]. It was an unheard-of sum to me. It kept me in wrestling. Everything has happened late for me in my career. I never would have believed someone if they said I’d have the success I’m having now at 43.”

Why wrestling isn’t fake:

It’s not ballet. We’re recreating a fight. It can be messy and chaotic. We get hurt. Calling our sport fake is an insult. It’s not fake, but it is pre-determined. Our goal is to put on a show that pleases the fans.

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