Simone Johnson Talks Training With The Rock, Loving The Performance Center

the rock simone johnson

Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

Simone Johnson sat down with Cathy Kelley for a one on one interview following the news that she’s signed on with WWE and begun her training at the Performance Center. Her father, WWE legend The Rock, joined her in her first days for a special session that she greatly cherished.

He got to see everyone here and he got to see kind of how our culture is here, And then obviously, I love spending time with them. But to be able to train with him and do something that I know we both love was great.

Simone also says that she loves the environment of the WWE Performance Center and how much she can learn there. “Everyone here is so driven and wrestling is a very individual sport. But here I feel like in a way we all are a team because we are all trying to better the company and also better ourselves.”

Simone also mentioned her relationship with Triple H, and how he’s been encouraging her as she takes her first steps toward the WWE roster. “Triple H has always been so supportive and encouraging, and that’s really something that means the world to me.”

Thanks to Fightful for the interview transcription!

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