Shawn Spears On The Wrestling Industry Evolving, His Own Style & AEW As An Alternative Option (Exclusive)

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Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik

Last week Shawn Spears took the time to speak with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about what 2020 has in store for the 18-year veteran of the squared circle. Spears talked about his goals, but also agreed with the ideal of a team aspect at making AEW a top-notch wrestling product, while still focusing on work as an individual.

“Everybody has that common goal to elevate the product, get more eyes on it but at the same time as individual performers in AEW we’re looking to have the best match on the show, we’re looking to have everybody be talking about us, we’re looking to be trending on social media, but all that does is elevate all ships that’s gonna make the next guy after me work harder and the guy after him work harder as well. So it’s a very positive atmosphere, it’s a very hungry atmosphere. We have a lot of young talent that we’re just starting to finally showcase to the world and all it’s gonna do is make an overall better product.”

As far as the  “Wednesday Night Wars” are concerned, it isn’t a matter of focus for him or All Elite Wrestling. Shawn states all their focus is on is creating an alternative for wrestling fans.

“Everybody talks about, ‘Oh, it’s a war! It’s a war! It’s a war!’ The only people that care about number are suits. Other than that, we care about our audience. We care about giving them an alternative, whether they want to watch it or not is totally up to them, but we’re there if they choose to.”

One aspect that makes AEW stand out as a mainstream wrestling product is it’s diverse set of styles and Spears credits such to the pro wrestling world evolving, just like everything else does.

“Well the industry is evolving. Everything evolves. CGI in movies evolve, the way records are produced evolve, professional wrestling is going to naturally evolve. Things have gotten quicker, things have gotten more high impact, but the foundation of this industry will always remain the same and that’s the basis of storytelling and that’s the basis of good vs. evil. It’s the simplest of stories in the history of stories.”

Spears continues:

“For me personally, it breaks down to my preference. I work a little bit of slower, methodical pace. I’m able to implement certain different styles depending on who my opponent is,” said Spears. Being in the ring for 18 years makes him realize that picking his spots is also invaluable at telling a story to the audience (as well as preserving one’s health), but is truly amazed at the abilities that some of the athletes on the roster are able to accomplish week in and week out.

“I mean these guys are unreal. They’re doing things I can’t even fathom and it’s incredible to watch. So I think it’s just a matter of what your preference is. The beautiful thing like you said is we have technology at our fingertips. We can go back and watch matches from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. I mean, generation after generation. We have that luxury now.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

More to come from this interview as Spears talks about his wrestling school with Tyler Breeze, Flatbacks Academy, what drew him to his wife Peyton Royce and the chemistry he shares with his adviser, the legendary Tully Blanchard. DeAngelo’s entire interview with Spears is below:

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