Matt Hardy’s WWE Contract Reportedly Expiring ‘Any Day Now’ (UPDATE)

Matt Hardy

Photo by Satyabrata Tripathy/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Last night could very well be the last we see of Matt Hardy under the letters WWE.

UPDATE: According to PWInsider, Matt has had continued discussions with WWE although his contract is still slated to expire on March 1.

Hardy was the recipient of a brutal attack by Randy Orton which was capped off by a conchairto and it may have been the way the company writes Matt off their television. WrestleVotes on Twitter did report that rumors of the legendary Hardy Boy’s contract expiring any day now are true.

“The rumors of Matt Hardy’s contract expiring any day now are true, thus, could that have been Matt’s last WWE appearance of all time? A conchairto is some way to go out considering the history.”

Hardy just went on Twitter this morning to share a one-word hat tip to fans:

Storyline wise, Hardy came out last night to defend his long-time rival, turned friend Edge after Orton delivered a conchairto to The Rated R Superstar two weeks ago on RAW. Orton tried to surprise Matt with a RKO, but Hardy warded the attack off briefly before Randy did nail his patented move. That’s when The Viper resorted to the two chairs.  Below is footage that took place after Randy’s attack.

After being brutally attacked by Randy Orton, Matt Hardy receives medical attention in this exclusive commercial break footage that did not air on USA Network.

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