ROH Wrestling Results (2/10/20): Villain Enterprises vs. La Facción Ingobernable

Brian Johnson & PJ Black vs. The Bouncers (ROH Television Exclusive from ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage)

During the entrances, the Bouncers say real tag teams need jerseys and 2020 will be the “Year of the Beer.” Black and Brawler Milonas start the match. The Darewolf slips out of a slam but Milonas overpowers him. Johnson mouths off at Milonas, who puts him in his place with a right hand. Beer City Bruiser tags in and trades chops with Black. Johnson eats some, too. Bruiser rocks Johnson with a big fist to the face. Milonas squashes Johnson with a falling splash. Bruiser bites Johnson and reminds everyone that he can’t bite because he doesn’t have teeth.

Johnson dodges a charging Bruiser and hits a diving shoulder tackle. Black grounds Bruiser and isolates him with Johnson. Black stops Johnson from cheating and they argue. Bruiser capitalizes and rocks Johnson with another right hand. A clothesline floors Black and Bruiser tags Milonas. He hits a splash in the corner and dives onto Johnson and Black. Black breaks up Last Call. Johnson gets a chair and Black stops him from using it. Bruiser again capitalizes and the Bouncers hit Johnson with Closing Time for the win.

Winners: The Bouncers

Backstage, Black tells Johnson he has to defeat opponents with his mind. They argue, and Black tries doing breathing exercises with Johnson.

La Facción Ingobernable vs. Villain Enterprises (Replayed From ROH Honor Reigns Supreme)

Lee and Scurll begin the match and exchange technical holds. Scurll flexes after a shoulder tackle. King tags in and King does, too. They go back and forth but quickly tag out to PCO and RUSH, respectively. They trade blows and PCO spears RUSH. A spinebuster floors RUSH. Lee stomps on PCO in the corner. King and Lee suplex Scurll outside the ring. RUSH and Scurll brawl outside the ring and RUSH chokes him with a camera cord. RUSH chokes PCO in the ropes. Lee and King isolate PCO. King superkicks the French Frankenstein. RUSH poses in the ring. RUSH and Lee double-team PCO, who rallies and tags King. The big man clears house and clotheslines RUSH and King in the corner. A Villain Special gets King a near fall.

PCO tags in and so does RUSH. RUSH spits in both men’s faces and gets slammed for his disrespect. PCO dives onto everyone outside the ring. King slams RUSH and a PCO-sault gets the ROH World Champion a two count. A rolling elbow drops Lee and the match breaks down into chaos. Everyone is down. Kenny King tags in and squares off with Scurll. An uppercut and a Ghostbuster get Scurll a two count.

Brody King dives onto RUSH and Lee on the outside. PCO dives onto Kenny King on the apron. King turns the Chicken Wing into a pin attempt for a two count. RUSH and King powerbomb Scurll while Lee hits him with a diving stomp for the win.

Winners: La Facción Ingobernable

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