Bully Ray Wants WWE To Add TV Title, Says Cesaro Should Hold It

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Bully Ray has an idea for a new WWE championship and he wants Cesaro to hold it. “I want to see the WWE TV champion that works on Monday nights, Wednesday nights, and Friday nights,” said the Busted Open radio host. “They only work three nights a week. It’s the workhorse championship. Vince loves new things so call it the WWE Iron Man championship. This person only wrestles on TV, no house shows.”

He went on to suggest that a great worker should hold it. “This would be custom made for a guy like Cesaro, who can wrestle [all three shows] and have the best match on the show every single night. You’d put all three shows together [so NXT stars could get exposure.” He went on to explain that he’d also want an Iron Woman belt as well. “Every week it’s going to be a 10 or 15-minute match uninterrupted, no commercial break.”

Check out the full segment below:

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