Further Details Regarding Tony Khan’s Creative Input In AEW


Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Tony Khan is reportedly delving much more into the creative side of his company and the AEW President is receiving some positive vibes for his work backstage.

According to a recent update by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Khan’s role has morphed from being the man with the final hammer creatively to being an individual who gets his hands deep in the creative dirt. Khan is reportedly majorly involved with the development of the Hangman Page storyline and the feedback he’s been receiving from the locker room has been positive in regards to such.

This by no means indicates that the four other EVPs are losing influence, but Khan is just becoming more involved with the week-to-week storytelling. Sapp adds that while it was Kenny Omega’s idea to turn Britt Baker heel, Khan was the one to add in the disparaging barista barbs Baker tossed Tony Schiavone’s way.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer mentioned a few weeks that Khan took more of a creative focus with the company after the Corpus Christi, TX show received some feedback from fans. You can read that article below:

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