Trent Seven: ‘I Don’t Go Into A Movie Like John Wick Pretending That It’s Real’

trent seven

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Mirror recently chatted with Trent Seven about the current NXT UK product, their new television deal, and how diverse sports entertainment can be.

Check out highlights below:

On how diverse WWE is currently:

I believe that now, the product that we offer, from WWE to NXT UK, there’s such a complete range of entertainment that I don’t think it can be pigeonholed. WWE is the complete package as far as entertainment goes.”

If wrestling is hurt by being scripted:

I don’t go into a movie like “John Wick” pretending that it’s real, and that’s the whole point. I go into it as a form of entertainment. I believe as far as professional wrestling goes, there isn’t a more complete form of entertainment.

His thoughts on when he first started watching wrestling as a kid:

I saw it as a more entertaining version of boxing when I first started watching wrestling. I was blown away by the characters.