Vince McMahon Says AEW Hasn’t Changed WWE’s Format, Stresses XFL Is A Separate Entity

Photo Credit: Getty Images

All Elite Wrestling has certainly created a change in the professional wrestling world but Vince McMahon says AEW hasn’t changed WWE’s point of view at all.

During this morning’s WWE fourth-quarter earnings call, Vince was asked to reflect on how the rise of AEW has affected his company. Vince says AEW “has not changed our content at all” and said WWE is all about “characters, storylines, and resolutions.”

“It really hasn’t changed our point-of-view in terms of what we present. We don’t need more ‘edgy’ content, as you referred to it. We’re one of the few programs out there that really is PG. As far as NXT goes,” Vince said, “we’re competing. NXT is on Wednesday nights with AEW and doing extremely well. We’re confident that NXT will continue on to success.”

In addition, Vince was asked several times about the status of the XFL, which launches this weekend. McMahon noted on three separate occasions that the football league is a “completely separate entity” from WWE, citing the XFL has approximately 400 employees exclusive to working there.

For more highlights from the call, check out the thread below:

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