Friday Night SmackDown Results (1/31/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsFriday Night SmackDown Results

January 31, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for

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In-Ring Segment: Roman Reigns and The Usos

Reigns gloats about beating Corbin but laments his lost in the Rumble. Corbin and Co. interrupt. Corbin says Reigns’ cheated and its The Bloodline’s fault he didn’t win the Rumble. The Usos remind Corbin of how he lost at the Rumble. Corbin says Jimmy and Jey spent months sitting at home after embarrassing their family. While that was happening, Corbin was embarrassing Reigns. Corbin shows footage of Reigns being covered in dog food. Reigns calls Corbin a freak for being obsessed with dog food. Reigns says the loser of tonight’s six-man tag match should have to eat dog food. Corbin agrees. Jimmy says good because they have a surprise. A cart full of dog food is wheeled out on the stage.

Number One Contender’s Fatal Four-Way Tag Match: Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. Miz and Morrison vs. The Revival

Wilder tries a leapfrog but Tucker catches him in midair. Bearhug by Tucker. Otis tags in. Tucker tosses Wilder to Otis. Otis continues the bearhug. Morrison and Metalik tag in. Metalik misses a springboard moonsault. Morrison misses a standing shooting star. Metalik walks the ropes for an arm drag. Dorado and Metalik double team the Revival. Dorado tries a dive but Wilder and Dawson catch him. Wilder and Dawson toss Dorado into the ring post. Morrison lands a corkscrew dive. Morrison yells for Miz to attempt a dive. Before Miz can Dawson floors him with a clothesline. Metalik takes Miz off the apron with a ranna. After the break, Otis gets the hot tag. Otis clears the ring. Otis hits the caterpillar on both Miz and Morrison at the same time. Miz kicks out. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Dawson. Morrison finishes Dawson with Starship Pain for the win.

Winners- Miz and Morrison

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