IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/28/20)

IMPACT Wrestling ResultsIMPACT Wrestling Results

January 28, 2020

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page vs. Vikingo 

Alexander pushes Vikingo. Alexander lands a few strikes. Vikingo tries a leapfrog but Alexander turns it into a spinebuster. Vikingo dropkicks Alexander but there is no effect. Vikingo double springboard dropkicks Alexander. Vikingo misses a dive. Alexander gets a near fall. Vikingo puts Alexander in a cross arm breaker. Alexander fights his way out of it. Vikingo sends Alexander out of the ring. Fosbury flop by Vikingo. Vikingo moonsaults off the barricade onto Alexander. Vikingo Asai moonsaults onto Page. Vikingo and alexander trade strikes. Vikingo tries a rann but Alexander reverses it into a backbreaker. Vikingo kicks out. Alexander carries Vikingo up top. Vikingo counters into a top rope ranna. Alexander kicks out. Vikingo reverses Alexander’s powerbomb into a roll up for the win.

Winner- Vikingo

Pagano and Murder Clown vs. The Rascalz 

Murder Clown misses a senton. Wentz lands a dropkick to Murder Clown’s knee. Murder Clown tags in Pagano. Dez and Pagano lock up. Pagano hits a slingshot reverse suplex. Pagano lights Dez up with chops and punches. Dez fires back with a few right hands. Dez and Wentz land duel kicks to Pagano. Dez and Wentz set up a dive but Murder Clown pulls them both out of the ring. Pagano lands a dive. Murder Clown and Pagano hit a double team move on Dez. Wentz breaks up the pin. Powerbomb/neck breaker combo by Murder Clown and Pagano. Pagano is sent out of the ring. Wentz lands a splash. Dez lands the spiral tap for the win.

Winners- The Rascalz

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