Edge Returns To WWE RAW, Gets Attacked By Randy Orton


Photo Credit: Getty Images

WWE Hall of Famer Edge returned to WWE RAW this week. He came back in the Men’s Royal Rumble match the night before. Edge thanked the fans for their support. Edge addressed the question of how he could compete again. He said he refused to live in a world of “What ifs.” The Rated R Superstar said he wanted to come home, so he got another neck surgery. He said he wanted to end his career on his terms.

Edge discussed his time in the Royal Rumble match. He said this return may not last long; he didn’t know how long he’d be back. Edge acknowledged he’s a little older, but he has grit, the one thing you can’t fake.

Randy Orton interrupted his former Rated RKO partner. Orton hugged Edge and said Edge always rescued him when he needed it. Orton welcomed Edge home, and called Edge a brother.

Orton said their reunion in the Royal Rumble match was special. “What if Rated RKO got back together one more time,” the Viper asked Edge. The Rated R Superstar didn’t say anything, so Orton hit him with an RKO. Orton attacked Edge with a steel chair. He sandwiched Edge’s head in a steel chair and contemplated stomping it from the second rope. A conflicted Orton freed Edge and left him lying. The Viper walked away before he grabbed another chair and nailed Edge with a Con-Chair-To.

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