Andrade Defeats Humberto Carrillo In Hard-Fought Match, Retains WWE United States Championship At WWE Royal Rumble Kick-Off


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

At WWE Royal Rumble Kick-Off, WWE United States Champion Andrade defended his title against Humberto Carrillo. The competitors continued their rivalry; weeks ago, Andrade took Carrillo out of action with a vicious attack on WWE RAW. Early on, Andrade took control when he sent Carrillo crashing off the top and into the barricade. The champion grounded Carrillo and targeted his arm. Andrade dominated the match but the fan-favorite rallied and showcased his high-flying offense.

A springboard moonsault to the outside gave Carrillo even more momentum. Andrade threw Carrillo head-first into the turnbuckle and drilled him with two knees in the corner. Carrillo countered the Hammerlock DDT into a roll-up for a near fall. After an impressive series of counters, Carrillo hit a hurricanrana off the top rope for another near fall. Andrade secured the win after he reversed a hurricanrana into a roll-up.

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