Dan Maff On Being A Mentor, Why Breaking Into The Business Was Difficult

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Dan Maff recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Notsam Wrestling. The Ring of Honor star discussed a variety of topics, ranging from his transition into becoming a mentor for younger workers to the success of Da Hit Squad. Here are some highlights.

On changing course from the typical goal of making it to WWE:

Maff: “I got to a point where I settled. I said, This is what it’s going to be. I was put here for a reason, and the things that have happened to me, will happen to me, so  can be here for this moment, which is teaching younger kids and getting them ready for that next step, to go to a possible interview for the WWE or a NXT tryout. You know, that’s where I met Pat Buck and I feel like meeting Pat Buck totally changed my life.”

“When I went to Pro Wrestling Syndicate, which later turned into WrestlePro, just sitting under Pat Buck’s learning tree and seeing the different aspects, because I was already grizzled and I had been through the independent grind, as you could say, but I learned as much as I could.”

On the difficulties of breaking into the business:

Maff: “It was hard coming up because a lot of places didn’t want us because they didn’t want change. So when we could inquire to offer our services to a promotion, nope because half of the locker room was saying no. Number one, they didn’t want to give us their spot. Two, they were scared. Number three, we were walking into a locker room where we’d say “Okay, probably none of you have gotten into a real fight in your lives. And now we’re coming in and we’re gonna totally look different and we’re gonna be different. So it’s like bringing chaos into a church.”

The full episode is available here:

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