WZ Roundup: CM Punk Compares Himself To Brock Lesnar, WWE Chronicle Recaps John Morrison’s Return

CM Punk

Hours before WWE Royal Rumble, wrestling fans are buzzing about the show. There’s a lot of buzz about who the surprise entrants in the match could be. But in case you want to avoid potential spoilers, here are some newsworthy happenings in the world of professional wrestling.

First, the latest WWE Chronicle recaps John Morrison’s return to the company. The Prince of Parkour will participate in the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble match. In the brief preview, Morrison discusses his time away from WWE and his mindset upon his return. “I’ve got a lot better of an idea of who I want to be,” said Morrison.

Next, Booker T continues to tease fans with the prospect of a match between Harleem Heat and The Revival. In a video posted by Reality of Wrestling, Booker T answered a fan’s question about the potential match. “We’re thinking about that Revival Thing, we’re thinking about going out there and touching them boys up, breaking ’em off just a little piece of something proper-like and showing them what old-school wrestling is all about,” said Booker T. “If they want some, we ain’t that hard to find.”

Then, in an interview with TMZ, CM Punk repeated his previous statement that Keith Lee should win the WWE Royal Rumble. “They need stars, they could build a star with Keith Lee,” said Punk. Punk also compared himself to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. “I think Brock’s like me, he works once a month and he’s smart about his time and he doesn’t want to wrestle for an hour,” said Punk.

Lastly, in honor of Sasha Banks’ birthday, the latest episode of WWE Playlist focuses on the best moments of her career.

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