Jordan Devlin Wins Fatal Four-Way, NXT Cruiserweight Title

jordan devlin

Photo Credit: NCL via Powerslam.TV

Jordan Devlin had been promising for some time that he was ready for the spotlight, and during Worlds Collide he proved that, as he took down Angel Garza, Travis Banks, and Isaiah Scott in a Fatal-Fourway to capture the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. The match itself was an incredible affair, but after the win, Devlin took to the microphone and climbed on the announce table, where he told the crowd that he had been saying he was an “Ace” for some time, and that he had finally proved it.

For more on how the match ended, check out below, and be sure to follow along with our live coverage of Worlds Collide:

Each man trades strikes. Garza lands a popup knee, then rips off his pants. Garza picks up Banks Devlin hops up on Garza’s shoulders. Scott leaps off the top and double stomps Devlin off Garza’s shoulders. Banks obliterates Devlin with a destroyer. Devlin hits a Spanish fly off the top to Scott and Garza. Banks lands the slice of heaven followed by the Kiwi Crusher! Devlin somehow kicks out. Scott hits a Rubix cube out of the corner on Banks for a near fall. Garza dropkicks Banks off Scott’s shoulders into a poison ranna. Garza Wing Clippers Scott. Devlin pushes Garza out of the ring. Devlin hits the Devlin Side Suplex for the win!

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