NWA Hard Times Results (1/24/19)

NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament First Round Match: Matt Cross vs. Ricky Starks

Starks drops Cross with a shoulder tackle and strikes a pose. A dropkick sends Starks to the outside and Cross showcases his athleticism with a flagpole elbow off the ring post. Starks drops Cross with a modified facebuster and both men trade blows. A neckbreaker and a smooth dropkick earn Starks a two count. Cross counters the Buster Keaton and clotheslines Starks. A springboard crossbody earns Cross a two count. A double stomp gets Cross a two count. Cross drops Starks with a slingshot cutter but Starks plants him with the Stroke for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

David Marquez speaks with Tim Storm, who thanks the fans for their support. Storm addresses the rumors about Ken Anderson’s absence; he says he doesn’t want to take the easy way to victory. Storm says he’ll take the win and advance in the tournament. He says his goal is to make Momma Storm proud, and he’ll do that tonight by winning the gold.

Stu Bennett asks for some decorum, but he says he’s  afraid he’s got some breaking news. He thanks the studios for hosting the first two pay-per-views but he says NWA’s next pay-per-view will be held somewhere bigger. He pulls the cover off of an object and reveals it’s the Crockett Cup, which will be the NWA’s next pay-per-view.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match:  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (c) vs James Storm & Eli Drake vs The Wild Cards (with Kamille and May Valentine)

Thomas Latimer, Drake and Morton start the match. A neckbreaker from Drake drops Latimer. Drake and Morton double-team him briefly before turning on each other. Royce Isaacs, James Storm and Robert Gibson tag in. Latimer and Isaacs are getting dominated. Isaacs helps the Wild Cards take control and Kamille attacks Gibson at ringside. Latimer grounds Storm and the Wild Cards isolate him. Latimer pummels away at Storm’s back. Kamille continues her assault on Gibson until Morton threatens to kick her. Storm rallies and tags Drake but the referee doesn’t see it. Latimer and Storm clothesline each other. Isaacs tags in but Storm hits him with a Codebreaker. Latimer and Drake tag in. Drake hits a Russian Leg Sweep and slams Latimer. A Rock-like elbow drop earns him a two count.

Latimer plants Drake with a pop-up powerbomb. Morton tags in and Kamille distracts Gibson, which allows Latimer to rock him. Morton hits a Canadian Destroyer on Latimer. While Kamille distracts Gibson, Drake hits the Gravy Train on Morton for the win.

Winners and new NWA World Tag Team Champions: Eli Drake and James Storm

After the match, the Rock ‘n’ Roll express congratulate the champions.

After the match, Drake and Storm talk to Marquez. Drake says “Let me talk to ya.” He says NWA Powerrr is the hottest thing today in wrestling. He says he told everyone he was coming for the gold. Storm says he and Drake prefer beer and liquor. Drake wonders what they should be called as a team but he decides it doesn’t matter because they’re the champs.

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