CM Punk: ‘Keith Lee From NXT Should Win The Royal Rumble’

Keith Lee CM Punk

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Keith Lee at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

CM Punk made his anticipated return to WWE Backstage last night and it so happens to be the episode right before the Royal Rumble goes down this Sunday in Houston. One of the segments that Punk participated in was who he thinks should win the men’s Rumble match and his choice was “limitless.”

“Keith Lee from NXT should win The Royal Rumble. I think he had a tremendous showing at Survivor Series and he to me is a big fish in a little pond right, not to say that NXT is little by any means, but I think you need to follow up on stuff like this. You strike when the lightning’s hot, you see the little moment he had with Reigns right there, that already feels like it was two years ago. We gotta get going with Keith Lee here. I think he needs to chuck Brock over the top rope and he needs to win that whole thing.”

Lee himself caught wind of Punk’s praise and took to Twitter to express his thoughts:

“Hmm….should I ever have the privilege of meeting Mr. Punk, I shall be certain to express my gratitude. The sentiment is most appreciated.”

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