Matt Hardy Thanks Fans For Support After Trending Post-WWE RAW Loss

Matt Hardy

Photo by Satyabrata Tripathy/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Matt Hardy may have lost to Erick Rowan decidedly on WWE RAW last night, but if fan support is any indication of his star power, “The Broken One” is absolutely a winner.

Fans last night got Hardy trending worldwide on Twitter, showing their clear support for the legendary talent who has been jobbed out week in and week out on RAW every Monday. Matt couldn’t thank the fans enough for the love they have been showing him. He also adds that at the rate it’s going, there won’t be many more WWE TV appearances for him.

“WOW! Thanks for all the love & support from around the world. I’m trending #17 worldwide because of my @WWE slump & string of #RAW TV losses. Hope you’re enjoying my #WWE TV appearances. At this rate there won’t be many more.”

Hardy does however, continues to scratch that ever-creative itch by documenting his recent “transition” into his next form as he currently finds his persona in “limbo.”