Andrade Defeats Rey Mysterio In Competitive Ladder Match, Gets Attacked By Humberto Carrillo


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week on WWE RAW, United States Champion Andrade and Rey Mysterio continued their heated rivalry in a ladder match. The conflict has seen Andrade rip Mysterio’s mask off and the legendary fan-favorite steal the title from Andrade. Mysterio quickly dropkicked a ladder into Andrade’s face but the champion slammed him into the barricade. The challenger hit a hurricanrana off the top rope onto a ladder.

Mysterio took Andrade down with a dive off the top rope, which left both men down on the outside. Mysterio hit another hurricanrana that sent Andrade crashing into a ladder. Andrade stopped Mysterio from climbing the ladder and suplexed him onto another ladder. He power bombed Mysterio onto a ladder to solidify his control of the match. Mysterio floored Andrade with a sunset flip powerbomb off one ladder and onto another. A 619 took Andrade out of the ring. Mysterio hit a hurricanrana on Andrade when the champion tried to pull him down from the belt. Zelina Vega climbed the ladder and slapped Mysterio, which let Andrade hit a Hammerlock DDT off one ladder and through another. Andrade unhooked the championship to win the match and retain the title.

After the match. Humberto Carrillo stopped Andrade from attacking Mysterio.

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