AEW Dark Added To FITE Lineup, Nick Aldis Tips Cap To Ricky Morton Before NWA Powerrr Match

AEW Dark

AEW Dark Added To FITE Lineup

FITE TV sent the following announcement along revealing that beginning on January 21, the streaming service will be adding AEW Dark to their AEW+ programming at no extra charge for subscribers.

FITE is proud to announce an exciting new addition to the AEW Plus subscription! AEW Plus is the popular subscription service that features the live AEW Dynamite program every Wednesday, completely commercial free with special behind the scenes content for just $4.99/month.

Beginning this Tuesday, Jan. 21st, AEW Plus subscribers will gain access to the entire AEW Dark weekly series as part of their subscription at no extra charge. AEW Dark episodes will air live every Tuesday at 7pm ET and show highlights of the best dark matches from the previous AEW Dynamite episodes.

On January 21st, AEW Dark will premiere on FITE with a special 16 episode marathon! See the full schedule below:

4:00am ET – AEW Dark #1

5:00am ET – AEW Dark #2

6:00am ET – AEW Dark #3

7:00am ET – AEW Dark #4

8:00am ET – AEW Dark #5

9:00am ET – AEW Dark #6

10:00am ET – AEW Dark #7

11:00am ET – AEW Dark #8

12:00noon ET – AEW Dark #9

1:00pm ET – AEW Dark #10

2:00pm ET – AEW Dark #11

3:00pm ET – AEW Dark #12

4:00pm ET – AEW Dark #13

5:00pm ET – AEW Dark #14

6:00pm ET – AEW Dark #15

7:00pm ET  – AEW Dark on Tuesday debut

To order AEW Plus on FITE, click here:

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Nick Aldis Tips Cap To Ricky Morton Before NWA Powerrr Match

Fans aren’t the only ones excited for Nick Aldis’ NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title defense against Hall of Famer Ricky Morton  of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. “The National Treasure” himself took to Instagram to state his elation for being able to square off against a true legend of the business.

“Every now and then, life presents you with unique opportunities; for me this upcoming episode of #NWAPowerrr was exactly that. As a student of the game, I am well aware of how truly great the Rock & Roll express are and have been for decades. For some of our younger viewers, a little homework may be in order to really appreciate how much their fingerprints are all over the wrestling business spanning multiple generations. I’m also aware that these sentiments are not in-line with my actions and words on Powerrr…while I’m certainly not in the market to insult anyone’s intelligence I’m also taking this opportunity to put bravado aside and explain the personal significance of this match to me, as a professional. There will inevitably be those who are critical and dismissive of the match or even the opportunity being given to a man in Ricky’s stage of his life, but for those of you I say this; put the heat on me. I wanted this match. Ask a musician what he would give to play with Bob Dylan, a golfer what he would give to play 18 holes with Arnold Palmer, or an actor what he would give to work a scene with Daniel Day-Lewis and you know where I’m at with defending the @nwa World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Championship against Ricky Morton. I hope you all enjoy the game of chess between all time great and current torchbearer, but know this…this one was for me.”