The Story Behind King Corbin, Kentucky, Lacey Evans And Kayla Braxton Go Crabbing

Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images

The Story Behind King Corbin, Kentucky

WWE was nice enough to post some highlights from their regular YouTube talk show The Bump this week on YouTube. One covers one of the goofiest stories to come out of WWE this month, the renaming of Corbin, Kentucky to King Corbin, Kentucky. It turns out that the name switch was a royal gift to get Corbin to appear on the show.

The publicity stunt/petition/kingly tribute was successful, riling up a few Corbin fans and insulting the good name of KFC founder Colonel Sanders in the process.

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Lacey Evans And Kayla Braxton Go Crabbing

In a more down to Earth segment, Lacey Evans shows off her homespun hobbies by taking Bump host Kayla Braxton crabbing. Lacey’s gimmick somehow comes all the way together in her home clothes, which really bring out the mother in the Sassy Southern Belle. Also, Lacey’s daughter Sarah is a natural for her age when it comes to reading WWE lines.