WWE NXT Results (1/15/20)

WWE NXT Results

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WWE NXT Results

January 15, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Keith Lee

Lee reminds us that he is now the number one contender for the North American Championship. The Undisputed Era has had a great 2019. They hold every title and may have had the best year of anyone… except for maybe Lee. The UE has reached its peak but Lee is limitless. Next week, Lee says he is going to become the next North American champion. The UE interrupts. Cole asks Lee is he is stupid. Has he not seen what The UE has done to Tommaso Ciampa and IMPERIUM? Lee is next. The UE hit the ring and attack Lee. Cole drops Lee with the Last Shot. Lee’s leg is trapped in a chair. Roderick Strong dives off the top rope and crushes Lee’s leg in the chair. Ciampa runs down to the ring and makes the save.

Dusty Classic Round One: Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

Andrews tosses Dunne with a ranna, which leads to a standoff between all four men in the ring. Riddle wrestles Webster down to the mat. Webster surprises Riddle with a Japanese arm drag. Webster and Andrews hit concurrent moonsaults on Riddle. Riddle waist locks Webster and hit multiple gut-wrench suplexes. Dunne assists Riddle on a standing corkscrew splash to Webster. Dunne hits the x-plex on Webster. Webster escapes Riddle and Dunne to tag in Andrews. Andrews lands a ranna and a rolling DDT on Dunne and Riddle respectfully. Andrews and Webster land stereo dives. Webster assists Andrews with a standing 450 splash. Dunne kicks out. Webster tries a springboard but Dunne floors him with a stiff elbow strike. Double head kicks by Dunne and Riddle. Deadlift German by Riddle.

Andrews kicks out. After the break, Webster takes out Dunne and Riddle with a moonsault. Webster knocks Dunne and Riddle out of the ring with dropkicks. Webster lands a senton off the top to the outside. Poison ranna by Andrews to Riddle. Dune breaks up the pin. Andrews destroys Dunne with a tornado DDT. Riddle lands two spears to Webster. Riddle tries a jackhammer but Webster turns it into a pin. Riddle kicks out. Riddle and Dunne land a GTS/Enziguri combo for a near fall. Dunne punches Andrews in the head, sending him into Webster who is trying to pin Riddle. Webster tries a dive but Riddle catches him in midair and hits the Gotch driver out on the floor. Andrews attempts a shooting star but Dunne levels him with a stiff elbow in midair. Riddle and Dunne land the Bitter End/knee strike combo for the win.

Winners- Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne

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