ROH Wrestling Results (1/13/20): Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham

In the ring, Cheeseburger says 2020 will be great for Shinobi Shadow Squad, starting tonight. He issues an open challenge, which is answered by Sons of Savagery.

Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova vs. Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Khan) 

Cheeseburger takes the fight to Moses. Soldiers of Savagery take control. They ground Cheeseburger and isolate him. Moses overpowers Cheeseburger, who fights out of a bear hug. A jawbreaker gives Cheeseburger some space and Nova tags in. He clears house and hits Khan with a diving facebuster. Cheeseburger and Nova gang up on Moses but he overpowers them. Moses dives onto them outside the ring. Soldiers of Savagery team up and slam Nova with Coin Till for the win.

Winners: Soldiers of Savagery

A video package hypes up the Ring of Honor Honor Reigns Supreme card.

Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham (with Jay Lethal) (replayed from Ring of Honor Final Battle Fallout)

The competitors shake hands and exchange technical holds. Gresham targets Shelley’s leg but the contest is evenly matched. Shelley dodges a springboard moonsault and hits a Flatliner into a turnbuckle. He locks in a straitjacket but Gresham escapes and stomps Shelley’s knee. Gresham hits a rolling elbow and both men continue to trade counters. The Octopus locks in the Figure Four but Shelley wrenches his fingers to break the hold. Gresham chops Shelley’s thigh and grounds him again. Shelley hits a Stunner but Gresham continues to damage his knee. Shelley hits a stiff forearm but Gresham dropkicks his knee. Both men trade nasty chops. Gresham gets three near falls with pinning attempts. Shelley gets a near fall of his own. Both competitors trade counters and technical holds and Gresham manages to pin Shelley for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

After the match, Shelley shakes hands with Gresham and Lethal.

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