Paige Responds To Triple H’s Joke About Her, Nikki Bella & Renee Young Come To Her Defense


Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

While discussing the possibility of Paige returning to in-ring competition, Triple H made a comment about her possibly having kids she doesn’t know about. That joke doesn’t make much sense considering how child birth works for women, but it was a clear jab at her being sexually active and sex tapes leaking out several years ago.

Paige remarked on Twitter that it’s no wonder that fans make jokes about her when her own boss does the same. Renee Young immediately came to her defense. “Big love to Paige. She’s been to hell and back but still some people wanna make jokes. We need (and she deserves) real change.”

Later, Nikki Bella also chimed in. “We will never see the true change in equality if we just see them as storylines,” she said. “Change in a company starts from the top. Our leaders help set the example. For us women we need all the help we can get. Help with respect from our co workers and fans. We are all one. One love.”