The Revival File New Pro Wrestling-Related Trademarks

the revival

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The Revival is often a name that comes up whenever you want to talk about talent that wants to break out from the WWE bubble. They’ve publicly teased dream matches with AEW talent, called out their poor place on the card, and generally acted like they’re out the door ASAP. One piece of evidence that points towards that is their new trademark, which makes them the owners of “Shatter Machine” for use in pro wrestling. This is the name of their current finisher and will allow them to use that name in other companies should they leave WWE.

As noted by PWInsider in their report about the trademark, WWE owns “The Revival,” so Dash and Dawson will have to change their names if and when they make the jump. Considering how soon Santana and Ortiz evolved beyond the LAX name, this may be easier than you might think. Perhaps a return to “The Mechanics” is in order?

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