ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Results (1/12/20)

Bandido vs. Alex Zayne

Both men exchange technical holds. Zayne hits a dropkick but Bandido dodges a moonsault and dives onto Zayne outside the ring. Bandido dropkicks Zayne’s knee and kicks him in the face. A spinning hurricanrana takes Bandido down. Zayne hits a running Shooting Star Press. Zayne botches a corkscrew dive to the outside and Bandido throws him into the barricade. Zayne hits a dive to the outside and lands on his feet. Bandido hits a popup cutter, kicks Zayne in the face and hits a running Shooting Star Press for a two count. Zayne hits an innovative sidewalk slam and hits a flipping guillotine kick. Zayne hits a stiff kick but Bandido rocks him with a knee to the head. Zayne gives one right back. Bandido catches a flipping Zayne off the top, hits a Buckle Bomb and floors him with a superkick. A super hangman bomb gets Bandido a two count.

Zayne hits another kick and hits Shooting Star Knees to Bandido’s back. Zayne picks up the win with a straitjacket pumphandle driver to earn a huge upset.

Winner: Alex Zayne

After the match, Bandido shakes Zayne’s hand and raises his arm.

Shane Taylor comes to the stage and says the more things change, the more they stay the same. He says until Ring of Honor giives him what he wants, he won’t wrestle in an ROH ring. He says he will wrestle for VIP Wrestling on January 31. He says he makes history with or without you.

LifeBlood (Tracy Williams &Mark Haskins) vs. Vincent & Bateman (with Vita VonStarr & Chuckles)

Bateman and Vincent attack Haskins and Williams during their entrance. LifeBlood perseveres and double-teams Vincent.  Haskins dropkicks Bateman’s leg and Williams hits a kneedrop. Bateman hits a rolling elbow and Chuckles attacks Williams outside the ring. Vincent drops Williams with a cutter outside the ring. Vincent and Bateman gang up on Williams. Vincent slams him into the turnbuckle. Haskins tags in and clears house. He rocks Vincent with a knee and dives onto Vincent outside the ring. Williams DDTs Vincent on the turnbuckle. A powerbomb on Vincent gets Williams a two count.

Haskins and Williams kick Bateman and Vincent. Williams hits a piledriver on Vincent but Chuckles attacks Haskins when he locks him in a Sharpshooter.

Winners via disqualification: LifeBlood

Bateman chokes out Haskins but Williams fends the group off with a steel chair.

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