Friday Night SmackDown Results (1/10/20)

Friday Night Smackdown ResultsFriday Night SmackDown Results

January 10, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for

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Miz TV:

Miz says he hasn’t changed. He just had a bad day last week. They have all had bad days. Kofi Kingston tried to use his positivity to cheer me up and Miz let his temper get the better of him. Miz apologizes to Kingston. Miz is having a bad month, but there has been one bright spot. The return of his best friend, John Morrison. Morrison joins Miz in the ring. Miz runs down all of Morrison’s accomplishments. Morrison says he was going to return at the Rumble but when he say what Miz was going through, he realized there is nothing more important than being here for one of his best friends.

Morrison realized that he is dissapointed in the WWE Universe. Miz had one bad day and they all chant that Miz sucks? Morrison points out that Miz does what he does for the fans and they all abandoned him. The New Day interrupts. Kingston asks Miz who he is trying to fool. Big E. says they don’t buy anything Miz is selling. Kingston says he would have respected Miz a lot more if he just said he had a bad day. Miz reminds Kingston that he lost the WWE title in 6 seconds, to which Kingston retorts that it was actually eight seconds. Kingston tells Miz that he does, in fact, suck.

Kofi Kingston w/Big E. vs. The Miz w/John Morrison

Kingston and Miz trade strikes. Miz floors Kingston with the kitchen sink. Flying back elbow by Kingston. Suicide dive by Kingston. Miz pushes Kingston into Big E. After the break, Kingston lands the boom drop. Kingston calls for Trouble in Paradise but Miz avoids it. DDT by Miz. Miz puts Kingston in the figure-four. Big E. and Miz get into it. Morrison does an indo off the ringsteps and takes out Big E. Miz drops Kingston with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner- The Miz

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