Broken Matt Buries His WWE Persona In Latest Free The Delete

Matt Hardy seems to be rapidly approaching an exit from WWE. We know this both because of the rumors surrounding his contract coming up and the many inferences we can pick up from his ongoing Free The Delete series on YouTube. The latest episode dropped today, featuring the aftermath of the Woken Deletion, has Broken Matt speaking with a deity about his failures.

The spirit warns Matt that his recent interactions with “Kennigan” (seemingly a Vince McMahon stand-in) and “Dominion” (who is said to also be known as Abigail) have poisoned him and that “Zenith” (the classic Hardy Boyz Matt seen in WWE) will cease to be after the year 3220. This could mean that Matt’s contract expires in March of this year, leaving him open to bring his Broken Brilliance to other wrestling promotions.

To watch the full episode and connect more of the dots, check out the embedded video below:

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