Samoa Joe Remembers A Fateful UK Poker Game, Jericho Doesn’t Want To Remember

samoa joe

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Samoa Joe Remembers A Fateful UK Poker Game

In a clip from the After The Bell podcast, Samoa Joe tells a tale of a very Not PG night where someone tried to rob him during a poker game. This led to the wrestler pursuing the man and lifting him by the throat. He was going to continue the assault in a blind rage until the hotel staff told him that police were on the way. The would-be thief is just lucky that Joe wasn’t carrying his machete that night.

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Jericho Doesn’t Want To Remember

Sometimes, you see something wrestling related and you know you have to share it, but you don’t exactly know what to say. Sometimes, you can’t say enough. In this remixed clip from this week’s Dynamite, watch as a pensive and distraught Jake Hager tends to his fallen mentor in the middle of the ring. All the action is set to a mood-appropriate piece that really ties the emotions together. This is, in a word, art.