David Starr Appears In New Bernie Sanders Campaign Ad, Explains Why He’s Good For Wrestling

If you’re on Twitter you may have caught sight of independent wrestling’s David Starr with a Bernie Sanders shirt on while scrolling through.

Starr has been an avid supporter of the Democratic Presidential candidate for quite sometime and now Starr has appeared in a social media promoted ad on Twitter campaigning for the American people to “Feel The Bern” once more. The Tweet lists Starr as a wrestling union activist and in the video attached to the Tweet, Starr gives his feelings as to what makes Sanders the candidate for him:

“It’s pretty obvious that he’s the only person in the Democratic field and actually in the country that’s campaigning on Universal healthcare and I see that with all my friends in the States who have to set up GoFundMe’s every time they get hurt, they can’t afford to go to the doctor, they’re afraid to go to the doctor and now being in Europe so often, that’s not an issue. You go to the doctor for free. You don’t have to worry about anything at all. That and Bernie is also extremely strong stance on unions, being able to unionize any job’s that’s needed. It’s something that’s near and dear to me and Bernie’s the only one who’s campaigning for things I need.”

The whole video is below:

We’re out petitioning for @BernieSanders to be on the ballot in New York and @TheProductDS joined us.

He wore his Bernie shirt in the ring because health care in the UK costs $0 while wrestlers in America set up GoFundMe’s & work hurt.

David is also a wrestling union activist

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