IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/7/20)

IMPACT Wrestling ResultsIMPACT Wrestling Results

January 7, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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As the show starts Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards are being separated by security. Edwards rolls into the ring and grabs a mic. Edwards tells Elgin that they don’t have to wait for Hard to Kill. Edwards dives out of the ring, taking out Elgin and the rest of the security.

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards

Elgin and Edwards trade shots outside the ring. Eglin floors Edwards with a chop. Elgin sends Edwards into the ring and the referee finally rings the bell to officially start the match. Edwards lands an overhead belly-to-belly. Superkick by Elgin. Edwards kicks out. Edwards counters Elgin’s suplex attempt into on of his own. Edwards lands a top rope ranna. Elgin pops right back up to his feet. Edwards blasts him with the blue thunder bomb. Elgin kicks out. Edwards attempts the Tiger Driver. Elgin powers out and spinebusters Edwards. Elgin gets another near fall after a falcon arrow. Edwards lands machine gun chops in the corner. Elgin responds with multiple clotheslines. Edwards and Elgin go back in forth in the corner landing strike after strike.

Both men eventually end up hunched over, totally exhausted. Elgin and Edwards trade strikes. German suplex by Elgin. Edwards rolls through and lands the Boston Knee Party to the back of Elgin’s head. After the break, Edwards lands another Boston Knee Party. Elgin kicks out of Edwards Tiger Driver. Elgin surprises Edwards with a pop-up powerslam. Edwards counters Elgin into a sunset bomb off the top. Elgin doesn’t stay down. Elgin floors Edwards after an ax bomber. Edwards kicks out. Edwards tries another Boston Knee Party but Elgin reverses into the buckle bomb/Elgin Bomb combo for the win.

Winner- Michael Elgin

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