Becky Lynch Wants A Piece Of Asuka, AJ Styles Mocks Randy Orton’s In-Ring Arsenal

Becky Lynch

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Becky Lynch Wants A Piece Of Asuka

This week on WWE RAW, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch discussed her doubts about her ability to defeat Asuka. But The Man left her challenger lying after she punched Asuka in the face. Afterwards, in a WWE RAW Exclusive, Lynch discussed the upcoming match between the two. “I was wondering if I should back down from Asuka, if I should just shut my mouth and walk away or let the doubt that kept me out of this business for seven years seep in and run,” said Lynch. “Or if I should black it all out and rip Asuka’s head off at the Royal Rumble. Because being The Man means more to me now than it ever has. Facing Asuka down means more to me than it ever has.”

AJ Styles Mocks Randy Orton’s In-Ring Arsenal

After AJ Styles dominated Akira Tozawa on WWE RAW, he continued to mock Randy Orton ahead of their match next week. In a WWE RAW Exclusive, Styles insulted Orton’s offensive arsenal. “I was just showing Randy Orton what he was not gonna be able to do to me ever again,” said Styles. “In fact, I did the RKO so well, maybe I’ll hit that on Randy Orton. Then a Styles Clash, then a Phenomenal Forearm, and then crush his knee with a Calf Crusher.”

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