Big Show Returns To WWE, Helps Samoa Joe & Owens Beat Rollins & AOP

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Seth Rollins’ rivalry with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe has been a main story on WWE RAW in recent weeks and it reached a new chapter on the first show of the 2020. This week, Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain faced Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and a mystery third man in a six-man tag team match. After Rollins entered the ring, he said he knows what’s best for the fans and for everyone, which is the elimination of those who impede progress. He told Owens and Joe to come out and meet their fate. Joe and Owens came to the ring and revealed the returning Big Show as their partner.

Akam took the fight to the big man but the World Largest Athlete overpowered him. The Big Show threw Rollins into the ring and chopped Rollins. Joe tagged in and gained the upper hand on Rollins. Owens hit the Monday Night Messiah with a cannonball. Owens dropped Rollins with a backbreaker for a two count. Rezar knocked Owens onto the floor and threw him into the barricade and the ring post. Rollins and the Authors of Pain isolated Owens and the Architect hit Owens with a springboard knee to the head. Owens rallied and superkicked Rezar. The Big Show tagged in and cleared house. He drilled Rollins with a big shoulder tackle. The Authors of Pain threw Joe into the steel steps. The Big Show tried to chokeslam both men but Rollins attacked the Big Show with a chair. The Authors of Pain attacked the Big Show and Samoa Joe. Owens distracted Rollins, which allowed the Big Show to hit Rollins with a Knockout Punch.

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