Lana & Bobby Lashley Finally Get Married, Will Face Rusev Next Week


Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

After the chaotic wedding last week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Lashley and Lana tried to complete the ceremony this week. They managed to do so but Lana said she’s unhappy but it’s not her or Lashley’s fault. Lana insulted the fans and told them they should be honored to be in her presence.

She blamed the fans for her unhappiness. Lashley insulted Rusev for ruining their marriage. Rusev appeared on the video screen via satellite from a tropic location. Rusev said Lana and Lashley look miserable and, because they didn’t take a honey moon, he took one on a beach.

The Bulgarian Brute presented a slideshow of the wedding chaos from last week. Lana said she hates Rusev and Lashley told her to shut up. Lashley said Lana stripped Rusev of his manhood. The Almighty One challenged Rusev to a fight and he vowed to return next week and destroy Lashley.

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