The Viking Raiders Retain The RAW Tag Team Championship Against The OC & The Street Profits

Raymond Rowe

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, War Raiders at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

This week on WWE RAW, the Viking Raiders defended their WWE RAW Tag Team Championship against both the OC and the Street Profits. Before the match, the Street Profits reminded everyone that they want the smoke. The Viking Raiders ganged up on Karl Anderson early on. Angelo Dawkins tagged in and likewise grounded “Hot Karl.” Anderson tagged Ivar in and Montez Ford showcased his athleticism. Both men did cartwheels. Gallows attacked both men and tagged in. Gallows clubbed away at Ford and the OC isolated him.

Ford rallied and tagged Erik, who cleared house. Erik slammed Gallows and threw Dawkins. He rocked Anderson with a knee, too. He then slammed Ivar onto Dawkins. The champions were firing on all cylinders but the OC broke up a pin attempt after a Viking Experience on Ford. Ivar dove onto some of his opponents outside the ring.

Gallows regained control and the OC gained the upper hand. The Viking Raiders rallied but Anderson dodged a Bronco Buster. Dawkins slammed Ivar and hit a spinning clothesline on Erik. The match broke down into chaos and Ford dove onto everyone. Ivar hit Anderson with a diving splash for the win.

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