NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14: Night 2 Results (1/5) Double Champion Crowned

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Juice Robinson

Juice deives on Moxley during his entrance. Juice slams Moxley into the barricade. Juice bodyslams Moxley on the outside. Juice rolls Moxley back in the ring.

Moxley leaves the ring and Juice chases. Moxley headbutts Juice. Moxley gets a bunch of chairs. Robinson blocks a Death Valley Driver. Juice drop toe holds Moxley into the chair. Juice sits Moxley in the chair and hits a Cannonball. Juice rolls Moxley back in the ring.

Moxley throws Juice out of the ring. Moxley smashes Juice with a chair. Moxley rolls Juice back in the ring. Moxley pummels Juice with punches and elbows. Moxley hits a Back Suplex Backbreaker. Moxley covers for two.

Moxley stretches Juice. Moxley locks in a Camel Clutch. Moxley hits a lariat. Moxley hits a snapmare. Moxley hits a sliding lariat for a nearfall.

Moxley chops away on Juice. They trade chops. Moxley bites Juice. Juice hits a Spinebuster. Juice hits a side kick. Juice hits a Double Knee Gutbuster. Juice hits a Falling Powerbomb for a nearfall.

Juice hits Texas Jabs. Moxley counters a Left Hand of God with a Figure Four Leg Lock. Juice gets to the ropes. Moxley locks in a Figure Four around the ringpost. Moxley breaks the hold. Juice counters a chair shot with a left hand into a chair into Moxley’s face. Juice gets Moxley back in the ring.

Juice puts Moxley on the top rope. Juice hits a Superplex. Juice hits a Jackhammer for a nearfall. Robinson hits a suplex. They trade lariats. Juice counters Death Rider with a rollup for two. Juice hits a lariat.

They trade blows. Juice hits a headbutt. Moxley hits a headbutt. Moxley slaps Juice. Juice slaps Moxley. Moxley hits a sliding knee strike. Juice hits Left Hand of God. Juice hits another huge punch. Juice hits Left Hand of God. Moxley counters Pulp Friction with Dirty Deeds. Moxley hits Death Rider DDT for the pinfall in 12:48.


After the match, Minoru Suzuki came out to challenge Moxley.Suzuki strips off his track suit, ready for combat. Both men trade blows. Suzuki locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Suzuki hits a Gotch Piledriver.

NEVER Openweight Championship Match: KENTA (c) vs. Hirooki Goto

Goto attacks KENTA to start. Goto hammers him with elbows. Goto hits an arm drag. KENTA rolls out of the ring but Goto rolls him back in and hits a bulldog. KENTA rolls out of the ring again but Goto gets im back in the ring. Goto hits a snapmare and a back kick for a nearfall.

Goto kicks at KENTA. KENTA fights back and sends Goto to the outside. KENTA sends Goto back and forth into the barricades. KENTA kicks Goto up the entry ramp. KENTA rabbit punches Goto and hits a DDT. KENTA gets back in the ring. Goto beats a count out at 19. KENTA immediately kicks Goto to the outside. Goto gets back in the ring an gets kicked in the back. KENTA gets a nearfall.

KENTA hits a series of kneedrops. KENTA hits a kitchen sink knee. KENTA taunts Goto. KENTA crumples Goto with mid kicks. They trade elbows. Goto fights back with a Wheel Kick and a Soccer Kick to the back. KENTA hits a Powerslam.

They continue to trade elbows. KENTA hits a Tornado Hotshot. KENTA hits a Flying Lariat for a nearfall. KENTA hits a DDT. KENTA hits a knee to the back of the head. Goto hits Ushiguroshi. KENTA locks in YES Lock. Goto fights to the ropes.

KENTA kicks at the back of Goto’s neck. KENTA hits a Draping DDT. KENTA hits a Shotgun Dropkick. KENTA hits a Diving Double Stomp for a nearfall. KENTA locks in a sleeper hold. KENTA hits a Penalty Kick. KENTA hits a single knee for a nearfall.

Goto counters GTS. Goto hits a headbutt. Goto hits a lariat. KENTA hits a lariat. Goto hits a Rolling Lariat for a nearfall.

KENTA blocks a mid kick and smacks the snot out of Goto. They trade slap. KENTA hits a headbutt. KENTA counters GTR. Goto hits GTW for a nearfall. Goto hits GTR for the pinfall in 16:12.