Cameron Returning To Wrestling At Effy’s ‘Big Gay Brunch’ WrestleMania Weekend


Photo Credit: Getty Images

There’s quite a bit happening WrestleMania weekend and a returning Cameron will be a part of the festivities.

It was announced yesterday by Effy that the former Funkadactyl, who now goes by her real name Ariane Andrew, will be at the GCW presented “Effy’s Big Gay Brunch” down in Tampa.

Effy also confirmed that Ariane will be lacing up the wrestling boots during the event, the first time she has done so in four years.

We last saw Andrew wrestling as Cameron down in NXT as she was working on being an in-ring competitor. He final match was against Alexa Bliss on the February 10, 2016 episode of the black and gold brand. Andrew joins Cassandro and Effy’s dog Cranberry as guests currently advertised for the show.

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