Gene Snitsky Recalls His Brief Run In TNA: ‘I’m Not Just Along For The Ride’

gene snitsky

(Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage)

Gene Snitsky, a former WWE wrestler who now sports a mighty impressive beard, sat down with Hannibal TV and recalled his brief stint with TNA wrestling back in 2014. Brought in alongside fellow WWE alumni Ezekial Jackson, Gene felt that he wasn’t going to be paid what he was worth, so he “nipped [the situation] in the bud.”

“At the time, they said it was going to lead to something and that whole deal. That never really materialized because of the money aspect. I was like ‘Well, do I really want to do this and not get paid what I think I should get paid or just nip it in the bud?’ I’m not one of those guys who are just along for the ride. I think very highly for myself, I know I’m a good athlete, I know I have charisma.”

When asked if he interacted with Dixie Carter much during his tenure, Gene said that she was in her own little world. “Did a couple of vignettes with her, but that was about it. When we were getting ready to shoot, there she was and when we were done, there she went.”

For the full comments from what I can only hope is called the Dinosaur Room, check out the video embedded below:

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